We may be the new consultancy in town... but our advantage is in having the most up-to-date qualifications and legislative knowledge in the field!


We listen to our communities wants and needs in order to produce supporting platforms that let clients do what they do best, without outdated management hassles!  

"We are committed to producing high-quality documentation that supports your long-term success. "

The motivation within ProChange

The Protagonist;


Claire McLean - Company Director and Health and Safety Planner 

As local Nelsonian, our community matters to me. I want to see Nelson/Tasman businesses at the top of their game.

With a Diploma in NZ Business, Employment Relations, Human Resource Management, Marketing Communications, Commercial Law and Health and Safety Management - level 6 qualifications, I took the practical skills I had gained as a forklift driver and D.o.C. worker and made it my mission to develop and design automated business documentation that works to improve and advance others in business and not hinder them!


Our Company Structure and Collaborators

ProChange generates Fit-for-purpose and Compliant, Business Documentation and automated management platforms set-up for you and your Business Growth 

ProSafe is our division that's solely devoted to the development of Health and Safety planning with qualified Construct safe NZ Consultants

  • ProChange Edit is the professional editing service for academic writing and any documents that you want checking

  • AV Architects provide technological infrastructure upgrades, equipment, and installments whenever required

  • Peter Fisher manages Health and Safety workplace training and testing for ConstructSafe

  • Lee-Anne is an experienced and qualified Chartered  Accountant whom we recommend for the best service in Nelson in trusted budget advice and accounting services 

The Collaborators;

Tom Smythe - AV Architects Limited

If you require an upgrade in technology, surveillance gear or workforce tablets that can run on your own network set-up, then we can arrange for you to get a quote, order product and the complete installation (with a ProChange discount) with our collaborators, AV Architects Ltd.  

AV Architects offer a complete range of surveillance solutions for industry, private homes, vehicles/fleets, and the commercial market.

Their expertise and service extend beyond installing equipment from catalogs – they are the experienced, friendly team that listen and work with you to integrate technology that simply does what you want. Their expertise covers installation, supply/set-up of market-leading IP and closed-loop systems in conjunction with Surveillance Technology.

AV Architects offer unique and individual audio-visual packages for commercial clients covering work on new buildings, existing premises or for retrofit upgrades.

They are able to supply all materials, cable, fittings, and products that take into account all manner of challenges, such as; surface materials, poor acoustics, loud machinery and plant, wet and dangerous operating conditions, high heat and low temp as well as many more varied examples.

Their systems are designed for clarity, ease of maintenance, low profile install and for performance – all at a price that is highly competitive, aiming to work within your set budget.


Tom Smythe 021464016


What we can do

Peter Fisher - ConstructSafe H&S Tester

Long-time Nelsonian, Peter Fisher is well-known in the region for his worker training and has become a Construct Safe Health and Safety Consultant delivering the Tier 1-5 testing in the region.

If your business needs to arrange training for your PBCU or a Toolbox Meeting course then we can arrange this with any H&S plan.

We can vouch for Peter Fisher's expertise so much that we do all our training with him ourselves  

ConstructSafe is the easiest way to demonstrate health and safety competency on site.

  • ConstructSafe proves that you meet a standard; Like a driving test. 

  • ConstructSafe is the best way to show that you are a competent worker on site. Because ConstructSafe is an industry standard, you can have confidence in the workers who work on your project.

  • ConstructSafe can help you to meet your regulatory requirements and is also a fantastic way to measure all of the companies in your supply chain. 

  • ConstructSafe is the most simple and efficient way that your supply chain can demonstrate worker competency to the same industry standard.

Debbie McLean - Academic Writing & Editing

Have you got a business plan, a tender or proposal, a report or an article that needs an editor to proof-read it?

Do you need to write an attributes statement, write advertising or social media content, a reference letter or create a template for email?

For under $10.00 you can upload documents either straight through to Debbie from our 'Select a document' form or include publications as part of an individually designed package, assuring that all content that represents your business is distributed in a professional manner. 

Debbie McLean of ProChange Edit is a qualified editor and a shareholder of ProChange who is devoted to professional writing that grammatically and structurally correct.

Debbie has a Victoria University Degree in Academic Writing and has edited an 80'000 word book as well as multiple smaller print publications and smaller projects. Debbie understands the struggle that business owners face when trying to manage operations as well as maintain editorial information and offers a simple but needed service that is quick and easy to use.

Ready to Get Published
Ready to Get Published

Professional editing and proof reading

Professional & Qualified Editor
Professional & Qualified Editor

English Political Science Degree at Victoria University NZ