Developing Automated Solutions

We pride ourselves on our adaptive and dynamic, bespoke plans that are as unique as the business we design them for. 

Having proven, tried and tested, business solutions are the first building block of structure for stability, but if you want to grow your business then its Millennial Solutions that will provide efficient management and long term success; 

At ProChange we have the latest business management qualifications and over 20 years of experience offering sustainable solutions.

Start with one of these and if you need a different solution, get in contact to let us know!

There are lots of reasons why every business should record their procedures on what they do and how they do it!

  • Have you recently hired new employees? Or are you planning to at some point?

  • Do you forget to send that follow-up email to some of your customers?

  • Are you and your team leaders all just doing things differently?

  • Does everyone know what to check first when something isn't working?

  • Do your staff all know how to deal with angry customers.. or what are they allowed to offer them to make things right?

Getting this information written down is known by many names depending on your industry i.e.; company policy, an operation manual or an HR process manual,

regardless of what you want to call it, if your business is going to grow, you will need one to manage consistency.

The HR Manuals that we design don't just sit in a folder somewhere, we make these to be useful every day by creating them on a Trello board as ready built platforms with the 'cards' set ready for you to put your information in.


These can be accessed from any device, chose who can see what and who can add to it and we will set it up to link to your email, cloud drive, calendar and much more!

Set tasks for people, due dates, labels, and time-sheets on free easy to use, no installation programs

This is tomorrows solution to today's problem!

The Solution is an Automated Procedure/Process Board

The more specific your H&S is to the work your doing, the less time it takes to fill out and the simpler it is to get through!

  • Do you have lots of paperwork to deal with?

  • Do you have to explain to others what your Health and safety are on about?

  • Do you load it into a spreadsheet yourself? or do you have a folder full of documents?

  • Is your H&S sufficient enough to get you to work with other contractors?

  • Have the risks been considered enough to protect your business from penalties?

  • Do you need Insurance or Finance and have been told your H&S is out of date?

It doesn't have to be a hassle, it can be as simple as an App or a tick-box google form - it just has to be designed to follow what you do, the way you do it, what rules you need to adhere to and to cover how to operate only the equipment that you will be using!

It then transfers the data to a spreadsheet for you and can be done from any device, with instant alerts when you are not with your team!


Start with a ground-up plan or upload what you are already using to have it streamlined into a system that matches what you do.

Don't let Health & Safety slow you down, use it to do get the work done for you!

The Solution is Health & Safety Automated Forms

We all know that social media is the most proven platform for marketing, but to be successful you need to cover more than just LinkedIn or Facebook!

You could pay to have an ad created for you... but when this gets them to your profile/page, you still need content and regular posts to capture potential customers.

You can do this quickly by using templates that we make for you to fit the different types of media platforms you use! 

i.e.; Some of the Facebook formats are *Cover photos, *Wall posts, *Event headings, *Profile pic's and *Banners.


Pre-Made Templates Help you to;

  • build a strong brand name 

  • change the text for each new post

  • keep them as JPEGs that can be uploaded anywhere for anything 

Ideal for Start-ups to larger size companies or for an upcoming event

Get pre-sized formats to make personal marketing and online updates simple and quick to do.

The Solution is a set of
pre-sized business graphics
I need everyone to manage each customer in the same way, but I don't have time to keep checking on others to check if it's been done.
Doing Health and Safety takes up a lot of my time and it's hard to know if my workers have missed something. 
I don't use different social media there's too much to keep up with and to many different types of posts, I would need to create!
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