Our Values at ProChange

To prepare every plan comprehensively with information 

Have confidence in the knowledge that no relevant  information will be left out and that your business's best interests are being taken care of

To create all material that to be easily understood

Receive documents with technical information translated  and law conveyed simply into everyday language, in the format of your choice

 To design bespoke systems that meet the client's needs 

All documents are designed to be fit-for-purpose to the specific procedures and operations of your individual business - with no generic templating

To continue to update our qualifications to always provide relevant solutions

Have work prepared by consultants certified in Health & Safety, NZ Business Management, a Degree level of editing and in privacy information handling 

What ProChange and Prosafe do;

Your Business +streamlined and organized document systems = GROWTH 


If your business isn't quite ready to employ HR staff full-time, then its a good idea to out-source office tasks to a business support service you can trust.

We offer our clients a commitment to their business that should feel just like we were employed by them.


We achieve professional results and work with fixed and transparent pricing methods.


It's free to talk to us anytime to get help when you are starting something new or if you're having problems with something you already doing. 

Contact us for the best service supporting the achievement of your goals.

Have a look at some of our examples and you might find the kind of documentation that's right for your business's needs. 

Every business must have a Health and Safety plan as a minimum to meet compliance standards in NZ.   

Not having a specifically tailored H&S plan for your business will slow you down every day and restrict your business's ability to work with other contractors as well as your eligibility for insurance and finance.

A compliant and up-to-date H&S plan protects;

the business, its workers, those with whom business is conducted with, and the general public. 

Changing legislation is hard to keep up with but we make it our business to be on top of it for you. We get hold of our clients to update their plans should any law change.

Don't put your business, yourself and others at risk.

We offer compliance H&S plan checks of your current plan at no extra charge. Your business safety matters to us.

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