Automate Health and Safety paperwork into bespoke, purpose-driven management systems 

H&S Site Management

Site Management dashboards are a collaboration between project management and Health and Safety.  

Contractors are able to view labels showing them which tradespersons are currently on site working, what section they are working on and what tasks they are currently in action.

This lets each tradesperson efficiently plan when their work activities are due to start and if it's safe to work alongside other contractors in the same area in real time with an app on any device and a card dedicated to their activity.  

Ground-up Planning

Ground-up health and safety planning is the plan of your working environment and all the activities that take place when you carry out your work.

It is everything that's connected to your place of business or places where you conduct business,  including buildings, equipment used, each task and potential hazards that could eventuate in that environment.

The plan identifies the process, organizes what to check for and when, and sets out how to minimize the risk. 

Every business will require a different plan depending on what work they do, where they do it, who could be involved and how much risk management is required. If you are starting from the ground-up, our free consultation will get you on your way


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

SOP's are about setting a standard of how to do each task in the safest possible way.

As a business owner, you need to know that every time any task starts that the business has done everything practicable to ensure that it is being carried out safely.

No matter what tasks you carry out when working we can develop an SOP that's made specifically to what you do set out the 'right' way for your workers to get it done. 

Documenting task processes is the foundation for business growth as it provides the training material for future employees in a safe, efficient and effective, precise guide that adds long-lasting value to your business productivity 

Streamlined Systems

Health and Safety work's best when it flows intuitively as part of your business, activity shouldn't be halted with h&S staggered between tasks and locations. 

Health and Safety systems should be creating logs of all the data so that it adds continuous value to business forecasting, with the ability to sync all operations in real-time for instant access when you need it. 

ProChange streamlines and automates all the current forms and processes you work with into a flowing, self-logging and sorting management system. It's quicker and easier than you might think - talk to use about streamlining your activities and save time and hassle in the future while your information works for you. 

WorkSafe NZ Articles

H&S legislative snippets that everyone in business should know;

What is the Health and Safety at work act?
When you own your own company, you are referred to as an Officer and have a duty to PCBU
Emergancy plans law
Your duty to prepare, maintain and implement emergency plans by law
Penalties for not providing Worker Participation. Which means, not engaging with workers about Health and Safety tasks
New fines bands
Fines that you can incur if you have breached the Health and Safety at Work act in NZ
H and S workplace planning
Key points when planning Health and Safety at work
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