Do you need a better way of managing?

Are you trying to launch a new project?

Are you looking to get just one specific document sorted? 

Is Health and Safety paperwork taking up to much of your time? 

Does your operations management assist you in getting your job done?​

Do you often say 'I just want this to connect to that'?

Our passion at ProChange is in delivering the best match solutions for our clients.

We provide what's needed - to get you where you want to go!

Equipment correct-use instructional documents such as SOP's that explain the who, what, when, why, and how for each activity you undertake.
For example; - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Emergency procedures - Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) - Quality management
Instruction sheets required for all plant machinery that inform the procedure for operation. This includes, qualification required to operate, who is in charge, the potential risks and what safety procedures are required with use
Make your business a place that good workers will want to stay and increase productivity of new hires faster with a custom designed training program.
Assign workers to teach new employees the skills they need to learn to be able to successfully perform their job. Monitor their progress during the trial period and assign responsibility and time blocks to get it done.
Get clear instructions for the loading and unloading zones at your work place, from delivery trucks to cargo handeling
Compulsory to any place that conducts business, even if from your home is a evacuation plan
Health and Safety planning daily building checklist
Personal Branding formatted into the right sized templates for easy social media management so
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How-to guides as training material
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