Project Packages:

Preparation, Planning, Processes & Procedures 

Here are some examples of projects that every business will need;

  • If you work with clients then a Contract for Services is a must-have

  • Health & Safety plan is required as soon as you start trading 

  • A New-Hire system is essential when hiring new staff your-self 

Are you ready to hire someone?

You will need to find the right person for the job and protect your business in case it doesn't work out.

To prepare for a new employee you need to know exactly what skills, experience and qualifications are required and what personality traits would make a good fit in the position. 

Then you need to clearly explain what  tasks will be involved and what pay range will you pay them to do these. there are also rules as to what you can and can't say when placing a advertisement.


When you have suitable applicants,  its important to correctly conduct interviews with a weighted rating system to apply, and a legal and protecting employment contract to then offer that fits with the position.


When the new hire starts they will need information, an induction, on-boarding and training progress monitoring that supports both the business and employee.

They need to know who they report to and what lines of communication should they use. These then  need to be carefully planned, set-up and managed.

  • Do you have training material for the tasks employees will be required to do? What about a process manual to make sure work is conducted in your company's way of doing business? 

  • Do you have any company policy or a code of ethics/conduct to define  expectations?

Developing a new hire package before hiring is very important, as once someone is employed they can't easily be fired if you haven't been monitoring the process correctly.

New Hire Project

Health and Safety can be overwhelming, and every business will need something different to meet compliance.

Although paperwork might suit some places of work, we find that simple automated tick-box forms that collect your info on an Excel sheet automatically will add more time and value to your business, without costing any more to do

If you already have a plan, why not get it automated and stop double handling paperwork?

We can put built-in alerts and links that instant access to the right information for your team.

We will design your system so that your workers are not able to miss any rules using triggers that link straight to the WorkSafe website guarantying that they can fill out the right forms before starting on a job requiring this.

You would be able to keep track of training, equipment checks, time sheets, see what gear is used the most at the jobs you do, and which workers are doing what tasks as they work in pie graphs that updates by itself daily and so much more.  

There is no need to buy new software to run programs that work in real-time both on and off-line as well as into an excel sheet automatically. 

We can develop with you plans from the ground-up, automate what you have, or provide any missing documents.

It's not as difficult as you think!

Health & Safety Plan

A Contract for Services Agreement is an absolute essential for every business, contractor or sole-trader!

  • You wouldn't rent a house without a tenancy agreement or buy insurance that had no paperwork with it, and you shouldn't agree to offer your time and skills without a contract that agrees that you should be paid for it.

What we can design for you is a 'light' Services agreement for your customers known as a 'business-to-customer' or a B2C contract, as well as a Service Agreement for 'business-to-business" or a B2B contract.

This protection is necessary for all  subcontractors when working as part of a team or alongside other contractors on-site or while working directly with a customer on a solo job.

We explain how our contracts work for you in a how-to guide letting you know what each term applies to, what it means and how/when to use them. 

  • Having the best contact in the world will be of no use to you if you don't know how or when to use it. If you don't have a contract for services - you really do need to get one!

What we offer is;

  • A tailor made contract that's industry specific and meets the regulations that apply to the work you carry out

  • A how-to-use it guide that explains what each term means and when it matters to you

  • Terms that go on your website and invoice that back your contact and tie it all in for water-tight protection

Contractors Package

Project Package Quote-me Request

In order for us to develop documentation that specifically meets the purpose it is intended for; 

- we need to know more about your business

There are two ways that this can be achieved;

1) We can come to your place of work and conduct a consultation where we would record the information required as we go through each activity together,


2) We can email you one of our Forms where you would need to answer the questions with as much detail as you can, submit the form and wait three days to get the right template to get your document development underway

Client information confidentiality is extremely important to us at Protagonist Change Management Ltd. and we take all necessary precautions to protect the information that has been provided to us with strict adherence to NZ Privacy laws. It is of a high priority to protect our client's information from the possibility of being able to be shared or mishandled at ProChange. We will never allow access to be gained or given to third parties unless ordered to by law.

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