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The Process Break-down of -

The Consultation Process

We sort your Ideas into actions!
#1. We talk about what your getting ready to achieve, decipher the goals & then generate the action steps
We sort each task into type & order
#2. We sort the action steps into groups, generate the tasks involved, decipher who's involved and order it by priority
Who's involved & what do they need?
#3. Your managers need different checklists, access to information & formats to from your workers, we organize who needs what, when where and how
Task breakdown process
#4. Breakdowns for information and their action steps are created for each task to match the different needs of each person who uses it
Document development
#5. With the programs that you want to work with we then develop each task into streamlined documentation that match how you want to use it
System management set-up
#6. We design a ready-to-go platform that connects all your documentation and links it to all the services that you operate with, for doc management that organizes itself
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Design by Form

If you live outside of our consultation zone, we can still support you - just fill out our forms to manage the whole process online!


Select a project and get all the documents needed to get started as a package of templates created to fit your business and industry


Book a consultation for a one-to-one, consultation report - - first consult and report are free within the specified zone! 

This is a specialized service that ensures a bespoke plan can be fitted precisely with a business

Phone Calls

Just need advice? We're here to help you get sorted. 

Phone advice is free for Kiwi's, so give us a call or book a time for a call-back.  

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